The Mission Of The Salvation Army

We need organizations in this world that take care of the needy. We need foundations such as the Salvation Army. We are going to talk a little bit about the things the Salvation Army can do for our nation. In this article, you will learn a lot about the Salvation Army`s mission and how they are reaching their goals on a daily basis. Creating an organization such as the Salvation Army takes a lot of effort and faith, but we are very proud of them anyway. So read on to find out even more about the Salvation Army.

What is the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is a foundation with an amazing mission: To care, to comfort, to clothe, and to feed those in need. This institution is working hard to doing the most good out there, which is something that we need to take into consideration. The Salvation Army works with the addicted so these people can find a path to recovery.

In addition, this organization deals with rebuilding broken lives and broken homes. Feeding and nurturing the spirit is another aspect of the Salvation Army`s job. Moreover, the Salvation Army fights poverty and hunger in every part of the world. Some chapters also provide financial assistance with rent & utility bills for people who fell on hard times – they also recommend sites like, to further help people learn how to manage their finances better.

Giving the world an amazing display of all the love this organization is based on, is what the Salvation Army is all about. In fact, the Salvation Army is truly sharing and living the famous and useful Christian Gospel, by meeting important needs of many segments of society. With almost eight thousand centers in America, the Salvation Army is truly an amazing organization that is capable of changing the world, for the better. In addition, the Salvation Army has a wealth of programs designed for children, as well as, anti-human trafficking initiatives.

Donation and Aid

The Salvation Army gets funds from corporate contributions, kettle donations and the sales generated by the stores that this institution owns, all over the country. The organization uses around 30% of its funds to support itself, and the remaining is used to supports a wealth of missions across the nation. Meeting the needs of humanity through the love of God (without any kind of discrimination) is part of this organization`s mission. In addition, the Salvation Army loves to team up with important organizations to secure the success of many people who use its programs (across the country). Some of these corporations provide help with debt relief programs or financial resources, like

The Salvation Army has a program called, Angel Tree. In this program, members will display Angel Trees, so that they can get money to build clothing for a wide array of children who are registered with the famous Salvation Army. Next, the Salvation Army will pick up the item to distribute it to any appropriate children during the famous Christmas distribution. The Salvation Army does an amazing job at distributing items for children. In fact, the organization helped more than eight thousand children on Christmas, all of whom belonged to four thousand families! The Salvation Army also works hard to fight sex trafficking.

Fighting Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a crime and the Salvation Army is working hard to eradicate this practice in America. People who survive the dangerous sex trade can be helped by this useful organization. The Salvation Army will ask the victim a couple of questions regarding food, safety and lodging. The Omaha metropolitan area is particularly prone to have a lot of victims of sex trafficking, according to the Salvation Army; that’s the reason why this organization is working hard in this part of the country, to get rid of these social problems that can cause tons of troubles, down the road.

As you can see, the Salvation Army is truly an amazing organization that is doing good in huge quantities, all over America. This organization`s mission is truly outstanding, as they are working hard to aid those in need. Millions of people in America need the help of organizations such as the Salvation Army, and this foundation is doing their job pretty well. The Salvation Army has a wealth of programs aiming at meeting the needs of huge groups of people in need – one of which involves teaching people finance management at sites like,

Organizations such as the Salvation Army are much needed today, because they help people deal with problems in their lives that could compromise them in ways unimaginable, if their issues are not treated, on time (by the right people). It is this organization whose generosity serves as a beacon of hope for all to see, and is most deserving a special place in the hearts of Global community.