Philanthropy: The Love For Humanity

Are you pained by the suffering of fellow human beings around you? This goes to show that you have a kind heart. Wondering what you could do for these people? Philanthropy is the answer. It is the act of giving or donating, for a noble cause. It will not only ease the suffering of a few individuals, but will also give you the immense pleasure of having done something to help contribute to the betterment of society. It gives you the same peace of mind that that all the wealth could ever give you!

There are many nonprofit organizations around the world which are relentlessly working for the sake of the poor and the underprivileged. You can contribute your money to these organizations who will utilize it to improve the lives of people who need a change.

Another act of good will, is donating your time to educate the impoverished, on maintaining financial stability; sites like can aid you in meeting this end. With philanthropy, you will create a long lasting image of yourself lending a helping hand in a noble cause. By helping these nonprofit organizations with your philanthropic acts, you will pass on your wisdom and values to children, and make them better citizens of the world.

If you’ve donated to a noble cause, try to create awareness about philanthropy in your circle. Tell them about the different nonprofit organizations who are working for the cause of bettering humanity; no contribution is too small a gift, when it comes to this. Small donations from individuals (in a business organizations) can bring in hope in the lives of many.

Philanthropy has become the order of the day, with some of the biggest names in the world, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, leading the charge in donating huge chunks of their wealth, for the service of mankind. Their act has inspired thousands of others who have followed their footsteps, sometimes by funding nonprofit organizations or establishing such organizations to help people who are suffering. These heroic activities have helped restore faith in humanity, in the minds of many who once suffered.

On a global level, philanthropy is still in its infancy, with certain sections of society that has yet to realize the power behind this noble act of generosity. Some individuals are still gripped by materialism and are obsessed with greed. And there are more still, willing to amass wealth, even at the expense of others, putting unsuspecting people further into debt; those who are left dealing with this avalanche of debt can learn how to turn things around at

However one acquires wealth, for multi-millionaires (and billionaires, alike), parting with wealth (to even a minor degree) is remarkably painful, as noted by renowned industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie: “It’s harder to give away money than it is to earn it, in the first place.”

The fact of the matter is, in most parts of the world, philanthropy is not a traditional concept. The irony lies in that fact that it is practiced least among people in regions where poverty and suffering are at its highest. Most of the nonprofit organizations find it hard to gather enough funds to support their projects and programs. Even if a fraction of the wealth generated in the world was used towards philanthropy, nonprofit organizations can ensure the basic food, clothing, shelter and health care, to the poor and underprivileged.

When it comes to the corporate arena, philanthropy is a must; it becomes a part of an organization CSR (corporate social responsibility). No business wants to be seen as a money grubbing machine. Most of the big corporations have created their nonprofit organizations. Philanthropy also gives tax benefits to the businesses/individuals, as well as project them as respectable members of society.

In most cases, this type of philanthropy would involve donations of cash and, in some cases, it can also be the facilities or the time dedicated to volunteering or educating, by employees of a company. For example, financial companies can use their resources or use websites like, to helps raise the financial IQs of those who keep finding themselves in debt. Overall, these donations are commonly handled by the organization or business (directly) or can be handled by the foundations the company has created for said purpose.

It is the role of every business in a country, is to take corporate responsibility, render support and help their country develop socially & economically. As per the survey results drawn from an interview with philanthropy executives, the report signifies that encouraging generous practices in various programs, are the best ways to newly introduce philanthropy into the culture of a business.

Habitat For Humanity: Sheltering The world

The Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit and non-government organization. The organization aims to help families without expecting any profit in return. They want to have a world where all people have a decent place they can live. They accomplish their tasks with the help of their partners, volunteers and donations. They have been providing safe homes for millions of people, and are continuing to accomplish their mission.

Why is Habitat for Humanity important?

Many people around the world are experiencing the need for a proper and decent housing. Billions of people are living in substandard housings, while some are homeless. A large percentage of the families around the world experience housing problems and other factors, as well – like falling victim to financial crises or debt collectors like midland credit; this is why Habitat for Humanity is important.

Habitat for Humanity mission principles:

  • To demonstrate the teaching and love of Jesus Christ

The organization believes that all people should feel and realize that the grace and love of Jesus Christ exists. They truly believe that faith is a very powerful thing that even smalls things can turn into big things, such as growing relationships among people who respects one another.

  • Give shelter opportunities

In order to show God’s love, the organization creates opportunities for people to have a decent and durable place to live. The organization helps in building, renovating and preserving homes. The organization has also collaborated with others, in order to widen the access of affordable houses and combat poverty; and, at times, reinforcing better financial habits, such as, avoiding collection agencies like lvnv funding llc.

  • To promote hope and dignity

They sincerely believe that all people should do something and contribute for creating a community where all of the people would have a decent yet affordable place to live. Through partnerships that are accountable and equitable, they believe that these two are achievable.

  • Advocacy for housing that is affordable

The organization aims to promote decent and affordable housing to all, and supports the need of housing as one of the basics of human rights.

  • Support for a transformational and sustainable development.

The work of the organization is to help in transforming lives and contributing positive changes within in a community that would last for a very long time!



How does the organization choose their homeowner families?

The families need to apply in the local HFH organization, called affiliates. The selection committee choses the homeowners with the help of the 3 criteria: how much is the family in need of shelter, their willingness in becoming a partner in the program, and their ability to repay through a payment plan (in conjunction with paying other debts, like cbe group inc). Also, they follow policies that avoid discrimination in the selection process of the family, making the selection process fair for all.

The Habitat for Humanity builds houses with the intent to help families that have a low-income. The organization also accepts donations as a form of financial support that would help them repair and build houses. Aside from donations, they also accept volunteer support that would help them achieve their goals. These volunteer would work under the organization’s supervision. In order to fund the building of additional Habitat houses, they use the monthly payments of existing partners in the U.S..

Does the organization give houses?

The answer is no. Their partners/families are the ones who buy the houses they build or renovate. In return, they do not make any profit from it. Homeowners in the US purchase houses by paying monthly mortgage. As to other countries, they have formed partnership with other organizations and used financing methods that are innovative, in order to help more people around the world. The homeowner under HFH also invests a lot of their time and labor, as well as, working together with other homeowners and volunteers.

People can also help by donating materials, since the organization also operates ReStore, that sell surplus and reusable materials, appliances and furniture, to the public. One can donate materials by contacting the local Habitat ReStore. The ReStore is a home improvement store and donation center that both sells used (and slightly used) materials, at retail prices. The proceeds from all the donations and profits of the store, all goes to the building of homes around the world.

Habitat does not only build new houses – in fact, they provide various ways to build decent (yet affordable) housing. Aside from constructing new houses, they also renovate existing buildings in many communities, especially those in the urban areas. Their programs, such as Neighborhood Revitalization & A Brush With Kindness, have helped people in repairing – improving their homes, along with their neighborhoods. They also have programs that addresses housing needs, right after a disaster has occurred. They also help in raising awareness in the need for addressing various housing needs throughout the world.

The Habitat for Housing is one of the organizations that the world truly needs. These kind of organizations should be kept active, in order to help more and more people in getting proper, decent and affordable housing.